CommodoreOS Vision Review

What is CommodoreOS Vision?

This is a new Linux distribution based on Linux Mint. It is developed by the company Commodore USA. They licensed the Name Commodore and started to manufacture new computers based on the classic C64 case design. This new distribution will be the default operating system on these systems.


What is different?

This distribution is smilier to older versions of SUSE as it installs per default a lot software. So there are emulators for the classic commodore machines like the Amiga or the VIC


.It also comes with WINE pre installed. It adds a lot additional repositories to the system. They use GNOME 2 as the default window-manager and added a Tutorial entry to every menu category. But this is all in beta, so the real help is not there yet.  They added some computer recorded voices the the system and some extra sounds. In my case I deactivated it because I find them horrible.

Commodore OS does not add anything new. So if you are familliar with linux and in special with ubuntu or mint, you will know everything.


How does it look?

The first thing you will see is the boot screen and you see it is the named "Linux Mint".  The second thing is that the OS it held is in the colors of the old Amiga Workbench, in blue and white.  It also uses the AWM dock. The toolbar is the standard one from GNOME 2 as the rest of the user interface. It also comes with some nice wallpapers.

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The software

Short I mentioned that the distribution comes with a lot software pre installed. Besides the virtualization and emulation solutions it needs at minimum 8GiB of space for an installation and that without the extra CD. For me personally it installs to much software I may not need.  It comes with standard programs like GIMP. It also comes with the virus scanner ClamAV.


The conclusion

So is Commodore OS Vision something new or at least something interesting? At least right now not for me. It does not offer anything unique except the useless voice output. It also installs a lot stuff no one needs. The theme it self does not look very professional. I also tend to dislike the combination of blue and white in this theme. In my humble opinion even the old workbench 2 and 3.1 are looking better than this.

So yes the system works and it is Linux so you can change everything you might not like, but why would you do it if you could just choose a different distribution. But may be I'm just not the right one for this.

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